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09/29/14 » New definition of recidivism minimizes political fallout from prison realignment
Sacramento Bee
The tight definition would be the only one in state law if adopted by the board in November. And either by design or happenstance, it would minimize official recidivism rates under realignment and...
09/11/14 » Placer County Expected to Release 3,400 Inmates Early Under Prison Realignment
How to pay for state mandates when it comes to prisoner realignment? That is the question facing Placer County.
09/08/14 » Health costs for counties rise with influx of inmates
Sacramento Bee
Since the state gave counties responsibility for incarcerating lower-level offenders three years ago, health care costs at county jails have gone up dramatically – and legal actions threaten to push...
09/04/14 » Family Blames Prison Realignment for Brother’s Death
Fox Sacramento
A Sacramento family says a loved one would still be alive, were it not for prison realignment.
08/29/14 » Deadly cracks in AB109
Stockton Record
A parolee and convicted sex offender who is charged in the murder of a 38-year-old Stockton man had been in San Joaquin County Jail days before the Aug. 11 shooting, but he had been released from...
08/20/14 » Prison population drops, but local jails become overcrowded
Sacramento Bee
Under heavy pressure from federal courts to relieve prison overcrowding, but unwilling – for political reasons – to directly release inmates, Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature devised realignment.
08/16/14 » Early jail releases have surged since California's prison realignment
Los Angeles Times
Across California, more than 13,500 inmates are being released early each month to relieve crowding in local jails — a 34% increase over the last three years.
08/08/14 » Fallout follows mistaken shooting of Pico Rivera man
ABC Los Angeles
The council called the deputy's misjudgment a tragedy and says the real blame falls on the fleeing felon who broke into the Mendoza home. Cedric Ramirez, 24, noted as armed and dangerous on a special...
08/02/14 » 2 arrested in Highland after shots fired at San Bernardino home
San Bernardino Sun
Sheriff’s deputies arrested two men who were driving in a car with two loaded guns — one a sawed-off shotgun, the other a pistol with altered serial numbers — after they shot up a San Bernardino home,...
07/29/14 » Ruffcorn faults AB 109
Auburn Journal
Auburn Police Chief John Ruffcorn, in a report Monday night to the City Council, criticized the state legislation responsible for the early release of low-level criminal offenders and linked it to an...
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