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03/28/14 » Asm. Curt Hagman: Realignment jeopardizes public safety
Orange County Register
Protecting your family and neighborhood should be our government's most basic responsibility. Yet the governor's public safety realignment law continues to undermine his obligation to help keep our...
03/28/14 » Locked and loaded
Hanford Sentinel
Kings Gun Center proprietor Todd Cotta said his monthly concealed-weapons courses continue to sell out. Attendance has been on the rise since they opened in 2012. “Most do it simply because it’s their...
03/25/14 » LA County jails at their most crowded in years
L.A.'s jails are experiencing their highest population numbers in years. Officials say it's a result of prison realignment.
03/25/14 » Man shot, killed at home of Foothill math teacher
CBS Bakersfield
Kern County court records show Ibarra has been in and out of prison for at least the past 10 years for convictions ranging from possession of a controlled substance to theft and receiving stolen...
03/18/14 » McDonald Way standoff suspect was AB109 parolee
ABC Bakersfield
The man police said was behind the hours-long standoff in Southwest Bakersfield had been released on parole as part of AB109.
03/04/14 » Jail Violence on the Rise
San Jose Inside
Santa Clara County jails have seen a sharp uptick in assaults over the past few years, partly because of state prison reforms that pushed more dangerous inmates to local correctional facilities. It’s...
02/20/14 » Woman uses broken glass to fight off attacker in Ceres
Modesto Bee
A woman used a shard of glass to fight off her much-larger attacker, who had been released from jail the night before, authorities said Wednesday.
02/16/14 » GPS monitoring alerts overwhelm probation officers
Los Angeles Times
The system that was supposed to help L.A. County keep track of felons is complicating the task, bombarding agents with emails.
02/14/14 » Long Beach man on Post Release Community Supervision charged with attempted carjacking
OC Breeze
On Feb. 11, 2014, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed one count of attempted felony carjacking on 30-year-old Long Beach resident Raymond Moreno, a convicted felon on the Post...
02/08/14 » Valley lawmakers propose bill that reduces prison overcrowding
ABC Fresno
A pair of Valley lawmakers teamed up with law enforcement officials from Fresno and Kings Counties to introduce a new bill that would send criminals serving long-term sentences to state prison.
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