Califonia State Assembly
Helping California Businesses Become ADA Compliant

Key Resources

Helpful State Access Information
California Disability and Access Regulations
Helpful Federal Access Information
Federal Resources for Complying with the ADA
IRS Form 8826
Access related modifications are tax deductible
Title III Technical Assistance Manual
Technical Manual for public accommodations and commercial facilities
Guidelines for complying with ADA Laws
A guide to the Americans With Disabilities Act and Title 24
  • Helps curb the practice of sending businesses "Demand for Money" letters
  • Allows businesses to work with Certified Access Specialists (CASps) to become access compliant
  • Defendants who have CASp certification can now request an immediate stay from the courts if they get sued
  • Requires state access laws to be certified by the federal government by December 31, 2010
  • Clarifies the law regarding the assessment of statutory damages for a construction-related accessibility violation
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